Fill-in-the-blank Media

I think maybe the problem is the media… From ABC News:

Wells Fargo said it is “premature to comment.” Bank of America told ABC News it “supports the concept,” but is “studying the details.” Citigroup said it’s too “early” to “speculate.”

Look at that last sentence.  Just pick and choose whatever you want…  Here’s what I think Citigroup originally said:

“We think that early in the history of time, even before man walked upright, there was already a need for man to be propped up by others.  Originally this was done by small communities where they would gather berries and share with each other.  Over time, as man became upright, he made small tools and started to put seed in the ground.  Later, animals were used to cultivate food.  A barter system was established, where one man would trade his goods for goods from another.  Over time, a monetary system was established in cultures and then goods could be traded for ‘money’.  In the 1800s in the western United States, man started to speculate for gold.  Then government created Social Security and f***ed it all up.  But these bailouts sure help us – the banks.”

Accounting Exam #1 Study Guide

Below is a study guide for the H/M that we’ve used in class.  I’ve gone through all of the homeworks that required use of the H/M as well as the class outline examples.  For each account, if you hover over it, you will see which homework problem or outline item it was used in.

I make no guarantee of accuracy, nor do I take any responsibility for how well you perform on the exam.  It is up to you to study appropriately.  That being said, please add comments to this post about omissions or mistakes, and I will make every effort to correct them.

A    =    L    +   OE    <–    Revs     +    Exps

Assets Liabilities Owners’ Equity Revenues Expenses
Cash Accounts Payable Additional Paid-In Capital (APIC) Interest Revenue Advertising Expense
Accounts Receivable (A/R) Dividend Payable Common Stock Sales Revenue Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
Accumulated Depreciation Note Payable Owner, Capital Service Revenue Depreciation Expense
Equipment Wages Payable Retained Earnings Insurance Expense
Interest Receivable Interest Expense
Merchandise Inventory Rent Expense
Prepaid Insurance Supplies Expense
Supplies Wages Expense

Blogs and Twitter

Why do I find this dull blog so funny for writing inane comments, yet hate it so much when people do the same thing on Twitter?

Chrome knows what Google is… better than I do…

I was trying to do some twiddling with my hosts file.  I added the following line:

I should be directed to my local machine, right?  Well, as long as you aren’t using Chrome, it works fine.  Also, putting in any other address would have been fine.  However, Chrome apparently is going to bypass that pesky hosts file when it “thinks it knows” what you want.  Ehh!

Now attempting to use Twitterfeed

We’ll see how much this irritates Dan Levengood!

Chicken for all!

Genie’s got a sweet deal with Tyson chicken:

One additional side note…in an incredible act of generosity, Tyson Foods has agreed to send up to 200,000 pounds of protein-based foods (chicken, etc.) to six Bay Area food banks in exchange for comments. Comments! They’ll provide 100 pounds per comment on this post. This is a way to make a donation with barely any effort whatsoever, so if you could, please take a minute of your time and go leave a comment over there.

Like she said: minimal effort… chicken for the needy!

iGoogle – Why not small changes? I hate the new design!

Google is great about making adding new features.  They’re always coming up with new things that I might like.  But I hate the new iGoogle design.  Tabs on the left instead of on top, applications (like BeTwitteredand The OFFICIAL Dilbert Widget) that don’t work, embedded Google apps (like Gmail) that take away features of the full-fledged app.

I have the and widgets, and instead of just providing links, now I’m forcefed the summary that goes along with those feeds, as terrible as they are.  Finally, they put all of the tabs on the left, so I lost all kinds of real estate on the main part of the screen.